Best Fall Fundraisers

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The 17 Best Fall Fundraisers For Autumn


Are you looking for the best fall fundraisers for schools?

Then listen closely.

Here at we believe raising funds shouldn’t be difficult. You will find these are quite easy to raise money with in contrast. So, here are some of the best fall fundraising ideas we could come up with. These are proven ideas schools have used successfully.

Please take your time to read each one, and look for ways to incorporate these with what you are already doing. Later on we will share our favorite fall fundraising idea… Gift catalogs.

 Are you ready?

So, here are 17 ways to raise money this fall season.

The best fall fundraisers using pumpkins

When you think of Fall, you think of pumpkins, don’t you? You might as well have a pumpkin fundraiser then!

Looking for some ideas?

Well, here are 5 pumpkin fundraisers for fall:

1. Sell Pumpkins

You wait all year long to eat a fresh pumpkin pie, don’t you? Well, you are not alone. So, why not sell pumpkins? Remember, almost all of your friends and family will be buying a pumpkin, right? So why not sell them what they want? 

Therefore, what can you do?

For example, you can team up with a local farmer. First of all, arrange a time and day to bring your customers to the pumpkin patch. You can also work out a price for every pumpkin you sell. Another idea is to make up a pumpkin fundraising flyer so you can get the word out about your pumpkin fundraiser event. As a result, you will sell more pumpkins!

2. Best Pumpkin Pie Contest

After you sell them a pumpkin, you might as well have a pumpkin pie fundraiser. First of all, you can charge a small fee for people to enter the contest. Furthermore, you can also charge a small entry fee to taste each one. This can be a fun fall fundraising idea for your school or non-profit.

Additionally, you can award a first, second, and third prize for the best pies.

3. Sell Pumpkin Pies

Furthermore, once people taste the pumpkin pies, you might as well take orders for the pies. Consequently, your school or non-profit can make additional money this way. In other words, I guess you can call this a fall bake sale fundraiser.

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest

So, what do you do with those pumpkin shells once you scoop out all of that delicious pumpkin flavor?

Why not have a pumpkin carving fundraiser?

For instance, you can charge an entrance fee for people to come and look at the beautiful pumpkin carvings. Additionally, you can also sell refreshments and pumpkin pies too! Above all, remember to award the blue ribbon prize to the best carved pumpkin.

5. Exploding Pumpkin Fundraiser

Exploding pumpkins?

This is a unique fundraiser for fall. In fact, this autumn fundraiser is so much fun, you will want to do it every year!

Whoever hurls a pumpkin the farthest wins a prize! First of all, you can charge an entry fee for teams. In addition, each team can build their own contraption to hurl their pumpkin.

 Yes, this is one messy fall fundraiser. However, we promise you will have a great time! So, be sure to take lots of photos and videos. Even more than that, you might even want to make a facebook live video event for this one. 

How to organize a Halloween fundraiser

 Looking for some Halloween fundraising ideas this fall?

Give these a try:

6. Scarecrow Decorating

Did you know there is a small town in Georgia called Hoschton that has a scarecrow decorating event each year?

Thousands of people all over the south come to see all of these thousands of scarecrows on display. There is also plenty of food and fun for everyone.

Certainly, you see how this could make a really profitable autumn fundraiser for your community. After all, if it works for them, it may work for you too.

7. Haunted House

Haunted houses are very popular. Some people will pay to be scared to death!

You can set this up yourself or team up with someone that has one in your community. Therefore, you can get a commission for every person that pays an entrance fee.

8. Corn field mazes

Team up with a local farmer. Tell him you want to set up a corn maze. After harvest season is over and all the corn is picked and sold, many farmers will welcome a way to make some money with their corn field. You can also charge an entry fee and sell refreshments.

Speaking of corn, why not check out these gourmet popcorn fundraising ideas?

9. Halloween Dance – Costume Party

This is self explanatory.

Set a date for your Halloween costume party fundraiser. Have a contest for the best original costume and charge an entrance fee. This will work because many people love any excuse to dress up in crazy costumes.

Fall fundraising ideas for October

 Beginning in the month of October, there are many opportunities for family fun.

Why not turn these into some fun October fundraising ideas?

10. Apple Picking Fundraisers

 Team up with a local apple orchard. Tell them why you are having a fundraiser and see if they will help you. For instance, you can charge a fee for every person that picks apples. On the other hand, the apple orchard can pay you a commission on every paying customer.

11. Octoberfest fundraiser ideas

 Team up with a local pub or sports bar. Your non-profit can negotiate a commission fee on all the customers you bring to the party. This can become a very popular fall fundraiser in your community.

12. Chili Cook Off Fundraiser

 Everyone says they have the best chili recipe. Now its time to put their money where their mouth is. You can charge an entrance fee for each contestant. In addition, you can award prizes for the top 3 chili recipes.

 Furthermore, you can charge a tasting fee for the chili lovers out there. Many of your neighbors will be happy to pay to try out the different chili recipes. Finally, remember to sell something to drink in case the chili is too hot for some people!

13. Can-a-thon Fundraiser

 Not everyone can afford a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

What a great way to show gratitude by donating cans of food for the less fortunate families in your community. This fall charity fundraiser can bring a smile to the face of the giver as well as the receiver. (Think about doing a shoe drive at the same time. Winter is coming and some parents won’t be able to afford to buy their kids new shoes for the winter.)

14. Turkey Raffle Fundraiser

 Get the biggest turkey you can find. Take a picture and advertise your turkey raffle. Since many people will be buying a Thanksgiving turkey anyway, they will probably be glad to pay a dollar or two for a chance to win your turkey for free.

Spread the word and you will sell hundreds of raffle tickets.

15. From Farm To Table Fundraisers

 You can do this two different ways.

Firstly, what if you had a harvest dinner fundraiser with all local grown vegetables prepared for a delicious dinner party?

Your local farmer gets some free advertising and your school or youth group can charge a set fee for every person in attendance. Certainly some of the parents in the PTA can help do the cooking and plan some fall festivities.

Secondly, many farmers have a late harvest of autumn squashes. We already discussed pumpkins. However, there are many other autumn squashes. You can take orders for these and earn your school some extra money. You will also make your local farmer happy!

16. Football themed fundraisers for fall

Its autumn, so that means it’s football season. Seems like a great time for some fall sports fundraising ideas, doesn’t it?

Here are a few football fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Football tailgate party
  • Fall Pep Rally
  • Cheer-a-thons
  • Kick-a-thons

17. Fall Fundraising brochures

Finally, our favorite fall fundraising activity is our winter and holiday fundraising brochures.

It takes time to set one of these up. You need to start planning these in October if you want to deliver all of your fundraising merchandise to your customers by Thanksgiving. From wrapping paper to candy and small gifts, there is something for everyone.

Can you see why we view these as easy ways to raise money for your school?

What makes this the best fall fundraising brochure?

Simply put, these fall catalogs sell fundraising items that your friends and family will purchase anyway. So they might as well support your school fundraiser, right?

Additionally, your school earns up to a 50% profit on every sale. This makes it a very profitable fall fundraiser for schools to raise money for your cause.

For that reason, please be sure to advertise this online fundraising event using social media.

In conclusion, we hope these fall fundraising ideas for schools were helpful to you. Combine them to raise the most money for your school program, because to more events you schedule, the more money you will raise.

Have any questions? We want to help.

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