3 Lessons To Learn From These Profitable Boy Scouts Fundraiser Popcorn Stories

Popcorn Fundraiser Tips

3 Lessons You Can Learn From These Profitable Boy Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser Tips

This list of profitable boy scout popcorn sales tips is pure gold.

Listen closely because these selling tips for fundraising with popcorn can be used by any school, church, or non-profit sports team.

What can you learn from these top boy scout fundraiser producers?

There is an old saying that “Success leaves clues.” So, would you rather listen to someone who sells the least amount of popcorn or someone who sells the most popcorn for their boy scout troop? Try these proven boy scout fundraising ideas.

Everyone may work hard. However, certain words, phrases, skills, and habits produce far more results than others. For example, in this interview, these 4 boys produced $250,000 by themselves!

What advice did they have to offer? And more importantly, how can you use these lessons to sell more Poppin popcorn this year?

Sell the scouts, not the popcorn.

Far better results came from “selling the scouts” and what they do, verses “Do you want to buy some popcorn?”

Instead, sell the Scouting program and its benefits which includes improving the lives of young men, helping them to reach their goals, sharing in scout events, doing community service, and becoming  leaders. Then add, “Please support this worthwhile program by participating in our popcorn fundraiser.”

The lesson?

Sell your mission and the benefits it brings to young people, as well as the entire community. You can customize this for your school or youth group program. Try this because it works!

Learn how to not take “No” personally.

Sometimes in life people will say “no” to you. Selling popcorn teaches your young people how to get around that.

The best way is to make it easy for a person to say yes. Sometimes people will say they don’t have cash. Simply say, “That is OK, because we also take checks”.

What if they say they don’t like popcorn? No problem! The scouts can remind them that they can donate to send popcorn to the military people who are away from their families. Many times this can turn a “no” into a “yes.”

How can you use this?

Your school or youth group can choose a worthy local group to send popcorn to instead. Perhaps, there is a children’s cancer hospital, or something just as worthy in your community. This works because sometimes people will do something nice for someone else instead of them self.

Learn how to connect with people.

The scouts that sell the most popcorn learn how to take a personal interest in people of all ages. These skills will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Remember, it is never about popcorn. It is about scouting and helping people. So get to know people FIRST. One young man offers, “You are an ambassador of the Scouting movement. Don’t just sell popcorn. Show your customers what Scouting has done to help you grow.”

The same is true for your school, sports team, church, or non-profit. So, be proud to represent your organization. Learn to build leadership qualities that will not only help you sell popcorn, but will last you a lifetime.

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