$2 Popcorn Fundraiser Alternative

Poppin Popcorn - Better then a $2 popcornFundraiser

Looking for a Popcorn Fundraiser for $2— We have something better for you!

Sometimes we find a school or team that wants a $2 popcorn fundraiser. It sounds great at first, however you need to know all of the facts so you can make an educated decision that is best for your non profit organization. We will do our best to present a balanced comparison so you can decide for yourself. Pay close attention to the suggestions we offer so you can make more money with popcorn.

What are the facts about $2 popcorn fundraisers?

It is true these may retail for $2 each. However, please understand the following:


Pay for your product up front before you sell it

The way the vendor makes his money is buy requiring the school or nonprofit to buy in bulk before the program begins. This means you have to estimate how much popcorn you will need before you sell any. This kind of turns some boosters and small kids teams off because they don’t laying out money to fundraise. Many are barely getting by and don’t have money to invest in popcorn product. That is why they are fundraising to begin with!

This can get expensive very quickly. By the way, each case costs $144 and contains 30 units you can retail for $2 each. So if your school wants to buy 9 cases that would cost you 9 x $144 = 1,296 before tax and shipping to have a popcorn sale. Your school would earn a 40% profit or $518.

This isn’t half bad. However, you need to have money to make money here.

Whatever you don’t sell you have to eat

So lets say you sell only 6 cases during your event. You would be stuck with a 3 whole cases of popcorn to eat yourself. And your profit would only be on 6 cases or about $346 on a $1,296 investment. This is approximately a 27% profit or about .54 on every bag sold.

poppin popcorn chicago styleA better way to sell gourmet popped corn without any downsides

We represent the Poppin Popcorn fundraising brand. Here are some things our customers love about it.

  • Your booster or club pays no money to get started. (Absolutely zero!)
  • Pay only for what you sell. Use the money you collect from your customer orders. (This means no left over stock!)
  • Free Poppin Popcorn brochures.
  • Free training and sales literature.

Very Profitable— Sell less and make more money

These retail for $12 each and your school earns 50% profit when you sell only 500 units. So instead of earning .80 cents a bag you can earn up to $6 per unit sold. Think about that for a moment. No money out of pocket for your group. Pre-sell 500 bags of popcorn at $12 and earn $3,000 for your favorite school, club or team.

In the end it is entirely up to you. We hope we were able to educate  you and offer you some alternatives to the $2 popcorn fundraiser.