22 Dance Team Fundraisers

Here our 22 best dance team fundraisers for your school

Our ideas for dance team fundraisers are the best!

They are great for school teams to raise money to pay for:

  • #1 Dance team uniforms
  • #2 Dance team jackets
  • #3 Dance team shirts
  • # 4 Dance team costumes
  • # 5 Dance team outfits

Additional tips to promote your dance team fundraising event

But before we give you ways to raise money for your dance team, here are some helpful tips, suggestions and strategies to help you make the most money.

  1. Come up with Dance team fundraiser names
  2. Additionally, come up with a fun catchy name for your dance fundraiser. This theme is something you will use to create banners, posters and videos too.
  3. Furthermore, your dance fundraiser name will also be highlighted on your emails, texts and social media posts.

You can also highlight it in your…

Free Dance team fundraising letter

One of the best ways to get the support of the families in your school is by sending out a fundraising letter.

However, you might be apprehensive about what to say. So would you like a little help getting the word out about your fundraiser?

We would be more than happy to help. All we need to know is if you have a theme for your fundraiser already, the date of the dance fundraising event, and finally, the reason why you are raising funds for your dancers.

That leads to the following question…

What kind of items should you sell?

Here are a few popular fundraising items dance teams sell year in and year out:

  • $10 Gourmet cookie dough fundraisers. If you like homemade cookies, you’re gonna love this one! Amazing varieties like oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, chunky chocolate chip, and M&M candies.
  • $7 gourmet popcorn fundraisers. Whether you like sweet, salty or spicy, there is something for everyone in this popcorn assortment from caramel corn to spicy Chicago style popcorn. Friends and family will find their favorite here.
  • $8 snack fundraisers. Chocolate covered almonds, Hawaiian delight trail mix, peanut squares and chocolate covered raisins. Are you getting hungry yet?
  • $16 gourmet coffee fundraisers. America loves coffee. There’s no doubt about that. So why not have a coffee fundraiser? Your fans get to support your dance team while enjoying a nice cup of Joe.
  • Affordable gift wrap. Beautiful winter holiday catalogs filled with adorable gifts and wrapping paper anyone would love. Save your friends and family time by bringing the shopping experience to them.

Our Best Dance Team Fundraisers

Take out a paper and pen and start jotting down some of these ideas!

Here are some Easy dance team fundraisers for you to try this year.

1- Moms night out.

Imagine mom having the time of her life during this fundraising event. Mom can get her nails done, her toe nails polished, a foot rub and a full massage. Your dance team organizes it for all the moms at your school and you guys get to keep 20% profit.

2- Silent auctions with a fun theme.

You can use the same theme you are using for your fundraiser or you can create a new one. The idea is to make it fun so that some people want to bid on the auction. Remember, the more bids you get, the more money you can raise for your team.

3- Parents date night.

Your dance squad can babysit all the kids so that the moms and dads can go out on a date. Additionally, you can set up a deal with a local restaurant so that you get paid a commission on all money spent that night by the parents.

4- The dance team family night out.

Here is a twist on the parent date night fundraiser we just talked about.

It’s more like a family date night, so no babysitters are needed! Try to think of something fun for the kids to do with their parents. This can work at the bowling alley, go carts, batting ranges,  and ice cream stand! Now go and arrange to get paid a commission on all tickets sold.

5- Monster family yard sale.

Why not do this during the Halloween season? You can wear costumes and offer a discount to those that show up in costumes. Get as many families involved as you can.

6- Zumba classes.

This is not only great exercise, but a lot of fun for everyone.

This is a great way to meet your neighbors too. You can try to set a fee to join the Zumba class. You can also sell refreshments in the back.

7- Have an unbirthday party.

This was made famous in the Alice in Wonderland movie by Disney.

Most people only get to celebrate their life once a year on their birthday. What about the other 363 days? These are unbirthdays. The best part about this fundraiser is that almost everyone has the same birthday by coincidence!

8- Sell advertising.

Do you have a dance team website, newsletter, calendar or recital  program? Then why not sell valuable advertising space in your publications? There are many local businesses that would be happy to pay for advertising in your publications. Additionally you can sell banner advertising for your dance recitals and competitions meets.

9- Have a school dance-a-thon.

Charge a small fee to enter the contest. Encourage students to team up with a partner. Each dance team will try to outlast the competition. Get sponsors to pay you for every hour danced without taking a break.

Are you curious about the Guinness world record? The longest dance marathon by one person is 126 hours by a young woman from Nepal. Make sure you have some pretty amazing prizes to get as many people to sign up as possible.

10- Daddy daughter dance.

Here is the perfect opportunity for fathers to spend time with their daughter. Life goes by quickly. Little girls grow up very fast and soon have no time for Dad. Why not make this a memorable night for both of you? The daddy daughter dance is the perfect opportunity. Raise money for your dance teams while bringing families closer together.

11- Do a New Years fitness class— Great dance team fundraiser!

After the holidays people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape.

Why not have a fitness class fundraiser? If it’s popular enough, you could do this for several weeks in a row. This means you will make even more money. You can either do this in your local school gym or dance studio, or you can team up with a local gym for a portion of the proceeds. Or combine the two for even more money. Hold the fitness fundraiser at your facility for several weeks and then introduce them to the local gym for a commission.

12- Sell custom t-shirts.

Have a contest to come up with the best dance T-shirt slogan. Remember to make it something everyone would want to wear. Team up with a local T-shirt shop or an online store to do the fulfillment. Show people what the final T-shirt design looks like. Now it’s time to pre-sell as many shirts as possible. Once you collect payment upfront, you can then order and pay for your T-shirts. Award a prize to the dancer or dance team that sells the most shirts.

13- Set up a sweet shop at your local farmers market.

Do you have a farmers market near you? They are traditionally open from June through November. Local farmers, bakers, and honey makers can sell their wares here.

Why not set up a sweet shop to sell candy, cookies and treats? You can have a schedule for different dancers and their moms to support the booth each week. All of the proceeds would go to support your dance team.

14- Sell flowers for dance.

Team up with your local florist to pre-sell flowers and roses for the holidays. Think about Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Make sure you pre-sell these with plenty of lead time so your local florist has enough stock on hand to fulfill your orders. You get a percentage cut from every dozen roses sold.

Additionally, this is a good idea because many people will be buying these flowers anyway.

And finally, make sure to keep a list of everyone’s contact information that bought from you. This way you can repeat this one again for the next holiday.

15- Wine wall.

This is great for all the dancer’s parents. You can’t sell wine without a license. So why not sell corks instead? When you buy a cork for $25, you get a free mystery bottle of wine. Each bottle of wine retails for at least $15.

16- Set up a pie in the face booth.

This can be done indoors or outdoors. Get teachers, coaches and staff on hand to help. The kids can pay a fee to hit their favorite teacher in the face with a pie. All proceeds go to the dancers.

17- Have a house cleaning raffle.

Look for a local house cleaning company and find out how much they would charge to clean someone’s home. Now set up a raffle to have a chance to have your whole house cleaned for only $5. Friends and family get to support a good cause while getting a chance to have their entire home cleaned for them.

What woman would not want their house cleaned for them this week? Be sure to get photos of the happy contest winner to put on Facebook and Instagram. Also get a video testimonial about how wonderful it was to have their house cleaned for them. This will be your advertisement for next year’s raffle fundraiser!

Additionally, offer a discounted rate for everyone that didn’t win the contest. Since they paid for a raffle ticket it tells you they are a good prospect for a house cleaning.

And finally, make a deal to get a commission on all customers that sign up for the monthly cleaning service.

18- House painting raffle.

So this is a similar idea to the house cleaning raffle except they can have their home painted for the cost of a raffle ticket. So first set a specific dollar amount to the contest. For instance, imagine the chance to win a thousand dollars worth of house painting for the cost of only a five dollar raffle ticket.

Furthermore, runner ups can get a discount on painting services. Lastly, make a deal that if any painting jobs are sold you get a commission for each one.

19- Set up a dog kissing booth.

People can kiss your dog for only a buck. This is great for animal lovers.

20- Hugs $1.

Hold up signs that say hugs are only $1. This is effective with a bunch of cute kids. Make sure you have adults standing by to make sure the kids are safe.

21- Shovel snow in the wintertime.

Get your dance team together and go house to house offering to shovel sidewalks and driveways in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to get exercise while helping out your team.

Rake leaves in the autumn. Pesky leaves pile up quickly. Your dance team can provide a much needed service to your neighbors. Get paid to pick up leaves. You can do it by voluntary donation or a set price per each bag you fill.

22- Weight loss fundraiser.

Each contestant can get sponsors to pay them for every pound they lose. This is a great way to lose weight because you’re tying in social accountability to your weight-loss efforts. Additionally, you’ll be competing with others to lose the most weight. This social pressure will help people to drop those extra pounds while raising funds for your dance team.

In conclusion, we hope you found these ideas for dance team fundraising events helpful. Dance team funding is serious business. Especially for some members of the team and their families. By providing a team approached way to raise money, everyone inspires dancers to continue to shine.

When you are ready to talk to a fundraising expert, please feel free to reach out to Chris or Joe because they want to help you succeed.  They will gladly answer all of your questions and offer helpful suggestions, tips and ideas to make your event a success!